Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paste Papers from August 14

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my friend Jody experimenting with making paste papers. I had made a cornstarch paste following the recipe of Diane Maurer-Mathison from her book, Collage, Assemblage, and Altered Art. I will happily share the recipe if you email me. It is very easy to make - just cornstarch, water and some time.

We added acrylic paints to the cornstarch paste and printed on Canson Mi Teints -- both white and various colors. We used adhesive spreaders to create most of the designs; these are available for 69 cents at Ace Hardware stores; there are two kinds, one with pointy teeth and one with square teeth. They are both great to have.


Neil said...

My God, I've never seen cornstarch put to such brilliant use! Can you eat them?
Wow, am I glad I'm married to you!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Beautiful! how fun. endless possibilities. You are so talented. K