Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arbutalon and shadow

This was a photo I took in my photo composition class this summer. I love this photo; my instructor didnt.


Anonymous said...

It is a mystery to me why your instructor wouldn't like this. The red round blossom shapes, contrasted with the shadow shapes of the leaves, I like it alot, personally. K

Anonymous said...

Last evening I watched and photographd about four hummingbirds (Anna's and Rufous) sipping nectar from an Arbutalon on our front porch. Your picture is lovely (perhaps could stand a bit of cropping top & bottom) and if yours attracts hummers and you get a good shot your instructor will change his/her tune. Use flash if possible, ISO 1600, and as long a lens as you have from about 8-10 feet away. That should do it.

PhotoArt said...

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